• Image Atelier Crespin

Group exhibition | ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
> from April 6th to August 11th 2019

Created in 2018 for the Grand Palais, the artwork ‘Grand HexaNet’ will now be on display in the entrance Hall of the ZKM as part of the exhibition ‘Negative Space. Trajectories of sculpture’, curated by Peter Weibel, ZKM director, Anett Holzheid and Daria Mille.

‘The exhibition ‘Negative Space’ endeavors to change the dominating view of modern and contemporary sculpture by telling a different story. With the aim to investigate the relationship between sculpture and space in a decidedly spatial way, the presented art works address the sculptural phenomenon in relation to diverse spatial concepts: Open spaces, surrounding, hollow and intermediate spaces, mirror, light and shadow spaces, virtual data spaces, etc. The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the art of sculpture, which – in contrast to the traditional concept – is committed to contour, emptiness, and levitation. Visitors will encounter what is light instead of heavy, what is not full but empty, what is marked open instead of closed, what is not dense but diaphanous, airy, and light.’

ZKM Center for Art and Media
Lorenzstraße 19
76135 Karlsruhe

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