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In a special way – through works of art and events – this international exhibition proposes answers to the question: How to approach the unknown, the very limits of knowledge, how to shed light on the link in human consciousness between the material and the non-material world?
This question became a professional and scientific challenge for the author of this project, Martina Kramer and a team of artists and scientists from France, Finland and Croatia who project their perceptions or imaginary structures of light, sound, matter, elements into the space of the gallery Klovicevi dvori, a former Jezuit monastery located in Zagreb’s upper town, thereby transforming it.
A series of lectures and events among artists and scientists will take place parallel to the exhibition in cooperation with the Technical Museum, Ruder Boskovic Institute and Academy of Art in Zagreb. This is an opportunity for visitors to have direct contact with some of the artists at the opening of this exhibition and to highlight the potential, for future generations, of innovative approaches and interpretations related to art and science through educational workshops organized by the Gallery Klovicevi dvori. This project will continue in autumn 2014 in France at the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence.
The main partners of the project in Zagreb are Gallery Klovicevi dvori, French Institute, Ministry of Culture and Embassy of Finland.

With the artists: Marine Antony, Elias Crespin, Pierre Gallais, Tommi Grönlund et Petteri Nisunen, Ivana Franke, Martina Kramer, Isabelle Sordage et Mirjana Vodopija. Scientifiques qui ont participé aux conversations : Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, Etienne Ghys, Danko Bosanac et Davor Horvatic.

Elias Crespin presents his work Plano Flexionante Circular 5 (2014).

Galerija Klovicevi dvori
Jezuitski trg 4
Savska 18
Zagreb, Croatia

Tehnicki muzej
Savska cesta 18
Zagreb, Croatia