• Image Atelier Crespin
  • Image Atelier Crespin

Galerie Denise René selected works by 19 contemporary abstract artists that explore and reinvent the fundamental graphic element that is the line.

On display, ‘Línea Inox’, 2016.

With Anne Blanchet, Francis Celentano, Geneviève Claisse, Carlos Cruz Diez, Knopp Ferro, Emanuela Fiorelli, Gun Gordillo, Hans Kooi, Martina Kramer, Pe Lang, Anne Lilly, Macaparana, Carlos Medina, Julio Le Parc, Darío Pérez-Flores, Ines Silva, Jesús Rafael Soto and Santiago Torres.

Galerie Denise René
22, Rue Charlot
75003 Paris

‘Línea Inox’ in front of ‘CCCCLXXXIII’, 2018 by Anne Blanchet
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