• Image Atelier Crespin

This exhibition, curated by Domitille d’Orgeval, gathers 13 artists whose creations explore phenomena at the boundary between art and science. These artworks question the limits of our perception by offering experiences of light, movement, space and time, in a delicate and somehow cosmic way. They renew an important concern of the twentieth century avant-garde : to find in the matter a path to the immaterial. In this exhibition, Elias Crespin presents his sculpture ‘Circualineados 248’ (2019).

With artworks by Adam Belt, Stephan Breuer, Jean-Baptiste Caron, Charlotte Charbonnel, Caroline Corbasson, Elias Crespin, Liz Deschenes, Thomas Devaux, Pascal Haudressy, Guillaume Millet, Jan Van Munster, Martin d’Orgeval, Vera Röhm.

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