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Homage to Denise Rene. Past, Present and Future of a Vision is shaped around the work of more than fifty artists, some of whom are emblematic pioneer figures of geometric abstraction such as Victor Vasarely, Jesús Soto, Julio Le Parc, François Morellet or Carlos Cruz-Diez. This show is also an opportunity to discover new proposals that have been created by young artists in this same trend such as Elias Crespin, Lab(au), Zimoun, Pe Lang, among others.
Espace-Expression is pleased to open its thematic exhibition center with this show, that offers to the public an overview of geometric abstraction through its evolution from past to present.
Art must invent new paths in order to exist. That was the premise of Denise René, and this is what our exhibition tends to illustrate: an intergenerational dialogue of expressions, languages and paths that, despite their differences, flow towards the same direction.

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