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“In a world in disequilibrium, searching for its development and what will constitute the next step, artistic creation no longer has a prevailing aesthetic. It is conversely very alive and animated by multiple propositions. It is important to bear in mind that art is not solely a rhetorical trope, an argumentative discourse, but a bet that responds to questions of our era as well as to situations beyond time. Art reminds us that the ambition of all work is to offer unique thoughts and forms to the world, that will remain through time and in minds tokens of our civilizations; that “through wars, social and scientific upheavals”(Aimé Maeght) it will leave, I hope, the purest spiritual and artistic messages possible. For the Busan Biennale the intent is to present artworks that have this ambition, and thus become presences, witnesses that the Biennale will make perceptible for generations to come. The challenge is to show that in our materialist society, which has trouble finding its harmony and coherence, the mind remains present and effective for each and every one of us thanks to art and artists. Visual arts will thus confront architecture, as well as questions of identity: human or animal, ecology, objects, industry, science and the question of relations between universes…

The exhibition will present, most certainly young artists, while zooming into significant works, practices that are already recognized in these territories of concern. The question of art is not a question of generations but of pertinence and invention.”

Excerpt from the press release.

Inhabiting the world

Busan Museum of Art

Artistic director: Olivier Kaeppelin.