• Image Atelier Crespin
  • Image Atelier Crespin

Galerie Denise René presents ‘Art et Programmation’, an exhibition that explores the notion of programming in art, especially its links with geometrical abstraction. The show brings together historical artists of the gallery and younger, more contemporary ones that push further the artistic possibilities of programmation through new technologies.

Elias Crespin presents the sculpture ’32 caras en marco’, 2014.

Curated by Domitille D’Orgeval and Denis Kilian.
With Antonio Asis, Tony Bechara, Jakob Bill, Gianfranco Chiavacci, Gianni Colombo, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Norman Dilworth, Horacio Garcia-Rossi, Karl Gerstner, Auguste Herbin, Matti Kujasalo, Vera Molnar, Mehdi Moutashar, Pe Lang, Ivan Picelj, Torsten Ridell, Santiago Torres, Francisco Sobrino, Gregorio Vardanega, Victor Vasarely, and Yvaral.

Galerie Denise René
22, Rue Charlot
75003 Paris