• Image Atelier Crespin

Denise René gallery explores in the exhibition ‘Angle to angle’ the line and oblique shapes through a selection of works of kinetic art and geometric abstraction. Whether static or in movement, the diagonal is declined in this exhibition and is revealed in the artwork by light, line, color or optical interplay.

Elias Crespin presents ‘Triangulos Seriados 1/3’, 2022 and ‘Tetralineados Alu Brass’, 2019.

With works by Anne Blanchet, Geneviève Claisse, Elias Crespin, Hugo Demarco, Knopp Ferro, Emanuela Fiorello, Robert Jacobsen, Youri Jeltov, Hans Kooi, Anne Lilly, Macaparana, Carlos Medina, Christian Megert, Vera Molnar, Mehdi Moutashar, Pe Lang, Dario Pérez-Flores, Torsten Ridell, Ines Silva, Henryk Stazewski, Wolfram Ullrich, and Victor Vasarely.